How is VW Fraud Killing the Environment?

EPA Fines VW for Environmental Fraud

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found some VW cars that were sold in America had a device in the diesel engine cars that could change the performance results of the car when being tested in an emission test. This led to further research and deep study of the device. The EPA based its study on over 400,000 cars in the US, including VW brands like Jetta, Beetle, Golf and Passat.

The EPA monitored the cars under strict laboratory conditions. What they found was surprising but also brilliant! The EPA concluded that the VW diesel engines had computer software that could sense when a test was being performed by monitoring several factors. When detecting the test is being done, the car was able to turn into a safety mode, which allowed the engine to run below the normal power and performance it usually demonstrated. Thus, the emission test did not really portray actual results. Once the test was completed and the car ran on normal road conditions, the engine was able to shift back to the normal mode. That’s actually pretty smart!

What is most surprising and alarming is that the tests found that the VW engines in reality emitted Nitrogen Oxide pollutants that were 40 times above the normal and allowed level in the US. The EPA is slated to issue an enormous fine on VW, making the financial pressure even more intense. It is a clear case of breach of rules, regulations, fraud, and a violation of customer trust.

Public Announcement of Fraud

On September 18th, the EPA and California Air Resources Board made a public announcement uncovering the VW fraud. They publically explained the cheating device software that was concealing the emission levels. Unfortunately, for VW this was also the same time that it launched its new ‘eco friendly’ models at an Auto Show in Frankfurt. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is said to have charge the company with a hefty fine. The Volkswagen Recall is also a huge financial pressure for the carmaker. To add to the misery, several private lawsuits from individuals and companies have also been charged against VW. The VW stock has dipped by more than 30% since the EPA first publically announced the VW hoax. With about 482,000 diesel cars found to be faulty in the US itself, imagine the actual number of cars running on the fraud! This VW scandal is public and many VW customers and drivers are filing a lawsuit against the company. The customers are feeling duped and cheated! Many Volkswagen cars are popular and marketed on the terms of being environmentally friendly and ‘Clean Diesel’, this was a big factor for many drivers. This recent scandal is completely contrary to that promise!

Why Emission Levels Matter

The cause of many health diseases and problems, pollution is a major concern today. With the increasing amount of pollution and pollutants, authorities across the world have become more stringent about regulations and rules. With millions of VW cars running way above the permitted emission level, imagine the negative effect! It’s sad to think that VW, a brand that always marketed itself as an eco- friendly brand, is a huge contributing factor to environmental damage. Many loyal consumers of VW because one of the factors they thought they were fighting!

The VW scandal is said to cause nearly 1 million tonnes of extra pollution every year!! An analysis found that the US vehicles that emitted between 10,392 and 41,571 tons of toxic gas each year would only emit about 1.039 tonnes of Nitrogen Oxide if they complied by the regulations set by EPA. The company admitted that the device has been fit on 11 m of its vehicles worldwide. Going by that, VW’s defective vehicles could be responsible for between 237,161 and 948,691 tonnes of Nitrogen Oxide emissions each year, 10 to 40 times the pollution standard for new models in the US! Not all nitrogen oxide emissions are toxic. An increasing level of the toxic NO2 gas has been detected in EU diesel emissions.

According to studies, short-term exposure to NO2 increased the number of premature deaths from heart and lung disease by 0.88% and 1.09%. Ironically, VW has always branded and marketed itself as ‘Clean Diesel’ manufacturers. To the contrary, VW has contributed to the increase in pollution and has caused significant harm to the environment as a whole and individual health!

The Importance of Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is one of the biggest concerns today and this VW scandal just takes us back a few steps! More regulations and strict policies will have to be ensued to protect the environment. It’s sad but true that the environment has once again been the biggest victim! The recent VW scandal is all everyone seems to be talking about! It has caused a stir in all countries across the world and has had a major effect on many! The stock markets have dipped, the automobile industry is in a fix, carmakers are under pressure, and consumers are stressed. It is a situation that has everyone spinning. One of the most surprising thing about this case has been the fact that it has been under research for many years but has only recently become public. The environmental effect of these vehicles is major and is thus, a key concern.


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