How to Protect Your Loved One's Rights After an Accident

After an accident, your loved one's physicians have him or her in their capable hands, stabilizing them and protecting their health and well-being as best they can. Your loved one may have broken bones, need surgery, or be in even worse shape. Emergency treatment will get them on the road to recovery. But what are you doing right now to protect your loved one’s legal rights?

When it comes to legal rights, there is a recovery to be made, albeit a monetary one. Legal rights are as important to focus on as the medical care that your loved one is receiving. There is an important reason for that. The scene of an accident is like a crime scene; there is evidence at the scene that isn't going to last forever. It could be skid marks, or it could be parts of the car that give a clue to how the accident occurred.

If the injured victim has no one protecting their rights, then the defendant or the person who hurt him or her is out there gathering evidence at the scene. This can create an unfair advantage that may deprive the victim of justice or just compensation in the months or years ahead.

Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. has an emergency response team that is similar to a medical response team, only it is a legal emergency response team that will immediately go to the scene of the wreck, gather eyewitness statements, gather physical evidence, and photograph the scene.

We'll rent a plane to take an aerial photo of the scene so that the skid marks and everything else that engineers can later measure is preserved and documented. If the cars are totaled, we will buy them so our experts can measure crush damage and reconstruct speeds at impact. We have warehouses full of wrecked cars that were involved in the accidents of clients we represent. Such is our dedication. We've been doing this for over 60 years.

We'll make sure that evidence is not discarded by demanding that speed measuring devices on trucks are preserved. The vast majority of law firms asking for your business haven't the first clue about any of this. They do the advertising, we do the work. Our cases have set records nationwide.

These are just a few of the dozens of point-by-point items that we diligently preserve and protect while our client is fighting to regain his or her health after a car accident. So please, call us today, and don't forget that just like medical care is an urgent necessity, so too is protecting your legal rights.

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