The Impact Infections Can Have on a Pregnancy

As an expecting mother, you likely have a multitude of concerns already as you prepare to introduce your new family member into the world. You might be wondering if you are eating the right things, if your baby will be healthy, what name to choose, and what gender your baby will be. The worries are endless and, among them, is the impact an infection can have on your unborn child. While in your womb, your baby gets everything from you, including nutrition, shelter, and even illnesses you might have. If you are expecting, it is important for your doctor to monitor your health and for you to be open and honest if you are experiencing any symptoms.

Infections that can impact a pregnancy include:

  1. Chicken Pox: Most of us are familiar with chicken pox and while it is generally not considered to be a serious condition, it can pose a severe risk to an unborn baby. If your unborn child is exposed to chicken pox, he or she can develop congenital varicella syndrome, which can cause serious birth defects, including malformed limbs and intellectual disabilities.

  2. Syphilis: When a mother-to-be has syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection, she risks having a miscarriage or stillbirth. If the baby survives, he or she might have skin lesions or rashes, nasal secretions, or even anemia.

  3. Group B Strep: At least 30% of people carry this infection and many never exhibit signs or symptoms. It typically does not affect the pregnancy, but if it does infect the baby, this will occur during labor. A baby infected with group strep B might suffer from pneumonia, sepsis, and meningitis.

  4. Hepatitis C: This condition infects the liver and many who are infected are often unaware of it. If you have hepatitis C, you can pass this infection to your unborn baby
  5. Genital Herpes: This is an incredibly dangerous infection for a newborn baby. If you have genital herpes, a C-section should be performed to reduce the risk of passing it to your child.

Fort Lauderdale Birth Injury Attorneys

Bringing a new life into this world is an exciting experience. Unfortunately, the joy of this moment can easily be ruined if you receive substandard care that puts you or your baby at risk. At Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., we are dedicated to assisting those who have experienced injury or even the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of others.

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