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The emotional, physical, and mental damage caused by an explosion can be devastating and fatal. Unfortunately, countless injuries and fatalities occur when individuals or entities behave recklessly or negligently at the expense of innocent workers, tenants, and other victims. These accidents can occur in countless settings, including oil or chemical refineries, construction sites, industrial plants, and even apartment buildings. Whether you sustained severe injuries or sadly lost a loved one, rest assured our Fort Lauderdale explosion accident lawyers of Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. offer unparalleled experience and skill to seek the maximum compensation you and your family deserve.

What Are The Consequences of Explosion Accidents?

Victims of these terrifying accidents often consider themselves lucky to simply be alive but are often forced to endure a lifetime of serious injuries or disabilities that severely impact their quality of life.

Common injuries sustained from explosion accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Burn injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Broken bones
  • Smoke inhalation
  • Wrongful death

Survivors often require extensive treatment and care for years to come, during which time it may be difficult to earn a living wage or care for oneself independently. Victims are eligible to fight for compensation for their loss of work or wages as well as any past, present, and future medical expenses, including rehabilitation and medication costs. Depending on the details of your particular situation, you may also pursue litigation for your emotional distress, pain and suffering, and in rare cases, punitive damages.

How is Liability Determined?

No two individuals are the same, and neither are their injury cases. Determining who is legally and fiscally responsible for the explosion requires the expertise of professionals and specialists who conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. It is crucial you consult with an experienced and passionate firm that has the experience and confidence to pursue your injury claim.

Plant Explosions

Plants and refineries are an extremely common setting for deadly explosions as workers are at risk of facing these hazardous situations every day. The substances and materials utilized are often extremely flammable and in case of an oil or chemical leak, it would only take an instant to spark a massive fire. These massive facilities show no signs of slowing down as they continue to drive our economy throughout the nation. However, industrial workers put their lives on the line on a constant basis. Tragically, those close enough to the blast are often instantly killed.

Causes of these tragedies are almost always linked to human error and negligence. Combustible materials, understaffed or undertrained employees, poorly-maintained equipment, and a lack of safety procedures are all contributing factors to these explosions. Often, those held responsible for this negligence can include employers, equipment or vehicle manufacturers, insurance providers, or fellow employees.

Apartment Buildings

Apartment explosions can be attributed to a number of common causes, including natural or propane gas, water heaters, boilers, gas stoves, furnaces, etc. Determining the responsible party for a home or apartment explosion can be complex, though liability is commonly attributed to property landlords, property managers, service or maintenance companies, gas utilities, etc.

Workplace Explosions

Many businesses handle potentially flammable or explosive materials. Workplace explosions are sadly almost always the result of deliberate negligence in an attempt to save money. Though there are many reasons for these incidents, they are commonly linked to improper safety measures such as violations of industry standards and OSHA regulations, poor maintenance, and other failures.

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