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When we entrust the care of a loved one to a nursing home facility, and that trust is betrayed, the staff and managers of that facility should be held accountable for their actions and brought to justice.

Although justice is the right of every person, more often than not, justice is something you must fight for. We are ready to fight for you to secure the results you deserve for the heartache, injury, or loss you have suffered.

At Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., we are dedicated to pursuing justice for our clients who have been victimized by their caretakers. Our firm has secured legal victories and fair compensation for our clients for more than 60 years

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Types of Abuse That Occur in Nursing Homes

Nursing home and elder abuse can be broken down into four categories:

  • Physical abuse: physically harming a resident by beating them or unnecessarily restraining them.
  • Emotional and verbal abuse: degrading a resident through their actions or things they say.
  • Sexual abuse: sexually assaulting a resident who is under their care.
  • Financial abuse: exploiting a resident out of their belongings or finances.

No matter which type of abuse you or your loved one suffered at the hands of their caretaker, our Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorneys can pursue the compensation you deserve.

Types of Neglect that Can Happen in Nursing Homes

Nursing home neglect is far more common than most people realize. Many nursing home facilities are mismanaged and understaffed, resulting in serious injuries that should have been prevented.

The following are common types of nursing home neglect:

  • Bedsores/pressure ulcers.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration.
  • Poor hygiene and lack of personal grooming.
  • Falls and wandering off.
  • Administering the wrong medication or dosage.

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering the neglect by the nursing home staff, you should get in touch with our law firm right away so that we can begin investigating your claim and collecting evidence.

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If you are a victim of nursing home abuse or need to advocate for a loved one in a nursing home, we can help you get answers and secure justice. Our award-winning law firm has a national reputation for consistently standing up to the limitless resources of corporations.

We won't settle for less than fair compensation for the damages suffered and for the harm that has been done. Time and time again, we have used our own resources to seek out expert testimony, meet the challenges of an appeal, and secure a fair judgment on behalf of our clients.

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