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Our Record-Setting Results

Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A. is a firm steeped in tradition. For more than 70 years, we have continuously yielded important verdicts and winning results for our clients. View some of our multi-million dollar results below.

$157,000,000 Insurance Claims

The firm won punitive damages for the widower of a man who died of lung disease.

  • $60,000,000 Product Liability

    The firm obtained a $60,000,000.00 verdict against General Motors after the vehicle the McGee family was driving was engulfed in flames due to a fuel-fed fire, and Shane McGee was tragically burned to death. Gregg helped litigate the matter and prepare it for trial.

  • $41,000,000 Premises Liability

    $41,000,000.00 verdict for Jim Schnurr, the former chief accountant of the United States Security and Exchange Commission, after Mr. Schnurr became a quadriplegic resulting from a bicycle accident while traveling along a bike path in his community in Jupiter, Florida.

  • $37,000,000 Product Liability

    Jury verdict for the family of our client, who died of lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris cigarettes.

  • $32,750,000 Birth Injury

    An unborn baby was in distress with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. His doctor and hospital medical team ignored signals and tests, which ultimately resulted in severe brain damage including cerebral palsy, spastic legs and arms, mental retardation, kidney failure and other conditions.

  • $30,500,000 Car Accidents

    The firm won $30.5 million in compensation for the family of a man who sustained a brain injury in a car accident.

  • $30,000,000 Car Accidents

    Johnson V Prada - $30 Million verdict after Mr. Johnson suffered brain damage from an auto accident.

  • $20,000,000 Product Liability

    Attorneys Scott Schlesinger and Jonathan Gdanski recently secured a $20 million jury verdict for Herbert Landi, the widower of a woman who died of lung cancer in 1999 caused by smoking cigarettes.

  • $15,922,000 Medical Malpractice

    A Broward County jury awarded $15.9 million in damages to South Florida resident in a medical malpractice case against rheumatologist.

  • $15,737,000 Car Accidents
    Roster v Florida Dept of Transportation - $15,737,000 verdict.  Mr. Roster was struck by a drunk driver and left a quadriplegic.
  • $14,500,000 Medical Malpractice

    Jury verdict against Hollywood doctor for treatment that left father severely disabled for life.

  • $14,500,000 Truck Accidents

    A Miami-Dade jury has awarded $14.5 million against Geico to a former chiropractor who was severely injured in a highway collision with an uninsured motorist.

  • $12,600,000 Medical Malpractice

    A Miramar teen who lost all four limbs as a result of a vaccination error 13 years ago won a $12.6 million medical malpractice award Friday against the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine.

  • $12,470,000 Medical Malpractice

    A woman who was admitted to the hospital following a car accident, was left with permanent brain damage after it took staff more than 30 minutes to notice that her respirator had malfunctioned.

  • $12,000,000 Product Liability

    $12 million compensatory damage award for one of our clients after we filed a lawsuit against Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds for causing our client’s spouse’s cigarette addiction and fatal lung cancer.

  • $10,500,000 Product Liability

    Jury verdict for a Florida man who sued tobacco companies after his wife passed away from lung cancer.

  • $10,000,000 Product Liability

    Jury verdict for a wrongful death cancer case against RJR and Philip Morris.

  • $9,154,198 Product Liability

    Jurors awarded more than $9.1 million, including $3 million in punitive damages, to a Florida widow for the role they concluded the nation’s two largest tobacco companies played in a smoker’s cancer and death.

  • $6,800,000 Car Accidents

    While waiting to make a turn, an expectant mother was struck by a careless driver. The victim survived the accident but was in a coma for more than three months, suffering severe brain damage and paralysis of her left side.

  • $6,800,000 Car Accidents

    The firm achieved a $6.8 million verdict for a Boca Raton father and his 5-year-old son, who was injured in a car accident as a fetus. The multivehicle crash left the mother comatose—when she woke up, she did not recognize her husband and divorced him. Thus, the crash had life-changing ramifications for this family: The parents divorced, the mother now requires a wheelchair to get around, and the son was left with permanent brain damage.

    We tirelessly advocated for the father during the 10-week trial and were very proud to reach a verdict in his favor.

  • $6,800,000.00 Car Accidents
    Garner v Samarel, et al. - $6,800,000.00 verdict for a roadway design automobile accident resulting in a catastrophically injured vehicle occupant.
  • $6,500,000 Premises Liability

    $6.5 Million Dollars in an personal injury negligence case based on an amusement ride accident.

  • $5,755,093 Birth Injury

    An expectant mother went into the hospital with complications. Attending physicians did not properly communicate with each other, leading to the baby being born under duress with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

  • $5,036,375 Car Accidents

    A rear seat passenger sustained severe injury when the rental car in which he was being transported could not avoid colliding with a car cutting in front.

  • $4,900,000 Car Accidents

    Our client underwent back surgery in hopes of alleviating pain from a car accident while rear-ended in his company's Dodge van.

  • $4,800,000 Contract Law

    Breach Of Contract Litigation

  • $4,700,000 Medical Malpractice

    $4.7 Million damage award to our client, who sued North Broward Hospital District and others over complications from surgery.

  • $4,500,000 Product Liability

    Jury verdict against tobacco giants Philip Morris USA Inc. and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

  • $4,300,000 Medical Malpractice

    The firm won a $4.34 million jury verdict against two neonatalogists on behalf of a young girl left permanently injured - the result of a viral infection misdiagnosed at birth

  • $4,000,000 Birth Injury

    A Palm Beach County jury has awarded $4 million on behalf of a child suffering from severe mental retardation that the family blamed on a delayed delivery in a West Palm Beach hospital more than 11 years ago.

  • $4,000,000 Medical Malpractice
    $4,000,000.00 medical malpractice verdict in Broward County in a wrongful death skin cancer misdiagnosis case.
  • $3,550,000 Product Liability

    Obtained a verdict in a product liability case in an Iowa federal court.

  • $3,500,000 Civil Rights Violation

    Robinson v Neiman Marcus –$3,500,000 verdict after Mr. Robinson was racially profiled by security officers at Neiman Marcus.

  • $3,472,000 Car Accidents

    Jury verdict for a 35-year-old teacher that jerked the steering wheel of her car to avoid going onto the median after coming off a dangerous curve in the road. The vehicle flipped, resulting in a partial amputation of one arm.

  • $3,000,000 Car Accidents

    A husband and wife were severely injured in a head-on car collision in Coconut Creek. The 18-year old driver of the other car admitted liability in the accident.

  • $2,500,000 Premises Liability

    Our client was watching a baseball game when she was hit between the eyes by a wild pitch coming out of the bullpen. The jury found that the protective screen was too low to prevent the injury, which resulted in a broken nose and chronic migraine headaches.

  • $2,500,000.00 Premises Liability

    Postlethwaite v Joe Robbie Stadium and the Florida Marlins –$2,500,000.00 verdict for a woman who suffered brain damage after being struck with a baseball at a Florida Marlins game.

  • $2,418,960 Medical Malpractice

    Doctors left a 12"x12" sponge inside a woman's abdomen after she underwent a cesarean section and was left for days, causing irreparable damage. She is now unable to have more children.

  • $2,181,631 Motorcycle Accidents

    The jury in Lee County awarded $2.18 million to Mary Mitchell, a part-time librarian who was riding her bicycle on Sanibel Island on April 4, 2015, when she was hit.

  • $2,150,000 Medical Malpractice

    A 17 year-old ballet dancer needed arthroscopic surgery. The surgeon broke two bone shaver instruments inside the patient's hip. Both hospital and orthopedic surgeon were found to be negligent.

  • $2,000,000 Medical Malpractice

    A 25-year old Ft. Lauderdale man was left paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. He was rushed to the hospital after the accident, but was then left unattended for 40 minutes. By the time a doctor saw him, he was paralyzed from the waist down.

  • $1,590,000 Premises Liability

    Jury verdict for our 65-year-old client, who spent nearly 6 years suffering from lasting injuries without a cent of compensation.

  • $1,296,337 Contract Law

    Breach of Contract Litigation

  • $1,000,000 Premises Liability

    The firm won $1 million for a boy who was struck in the head by a baseball during a Florida Marlins batting practice.

  • $1,000,000 Premises Liability

    Crane and construction site formwork collapse.

  • $1,000,000 Premises Liability

    Klein v Joe Robbie Stadium, et al. - $1 Million verdict for a boy being struck by a baseball at a game.

  • $748,460.00 Product Liability

    After purchasing a hamburger from Wal-Mart produced by Topps Meat Samantha Safranek contracted E. coli food poisoning from the tainted meat. She then spent 3 weeks in the hospital before recovering.

  • $551,881 Product Liability

    The jury awarded our client $551,881 in damages after a termite company caused structural damage to a condo building.

  • Motorcycle Accident Motorcycle Accidents

    The firm won a verdict of $481,500 for a Fort Lauderdale client who suffered a concussion and orthopedic injuries when he was hurt by a negligent driver.

  • $356,696.46 Car Accidents

    While maneuvering to park her motorcycle, Karen Tarte was struck by a reversing postal service van. The collision resulted in a fractured tibia, fibula, neck sprain/strain and resultant major depressive reaction.

  • Confidential Settlement
    Croce v Church – Gregg was admitted to Pro Hac Vice to practice in Hawaii. He achieved a confidential settlement for a matter pending in Honolulu on behalf of Mr. Croce.
  • Confidential Settlement

    Epstein v Florida Dept of Transportation - $25 million advisory verdict ended in a confidential settlement.

  • Confidential Settlement Premises Liability

    Hemphill v. Florida Power & Light – confidential settlement (electrocution from a downed power line after a storm)

  • Confidential Settlement Product Liability

    Various Foreign Factor VIII Plaintiffs v Bayer Corp et al. – multi-million-dollar confidential settlement for plaintiffs who suffered from hemophilia. The plaintiffs alleged that they contracted the HIV and/or Hepatitis C(HCV) viruses from using contaminated blood products manufactured by the defendants.

  • Confidential Settlement Premises Liability

    De La Guardia v. Florida Power & Light – confidential settlement (electrocution from a power line)